FinCap, LLC
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Why do business owners turn to FinCap, LLC for equipment leasing, equipment financing, working capital loans, merchant cash advances, merchant processing and all of their small business financing needs?  Because we care and our clients know it!

We specialize in financing for the business owner who is interested in opening a small business, equipment leasing, financing for start-up businesses, business cash advances, merchant cash advances, collateral loans and more!

We get to know our clients so that we can quickly find the financing solutions they need. We enjoy learning about the business in order to understand what the financing will do to help our client succeed.

If our client is interested in equipment leasing, we explain how the lease works and we make sure the client understands the different structures.

After applying, our clients find that we do not just give a simple "Approved" or "Declined". We make sure they understand the approval or why they were declined. If declined, we continue to see if we can find other options through creative financing or will suggest ways to correct whatever the issue(s) may be.

If you're ready to speak to someone about your small business financing needs, give us a call and find out what FinCap, LLC can do to help you and your business.
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